Previous Customers and Clients

Burns Sales Company has worked with and represented many different clients over the years in the kitchen, bath and cabinet industry. Each one has provided us with first hand knowledge and contacts relevant to that specific product. When we take on a client the first thing we do is learn their product inside and out. This includes their competition, price point, distributions options, pros, cons and most importantly, the best way to sell the product. The more knowledge and information we can gather about a specific industry product the more effectively we can market it. Think of this list as a 'college transcript' for all the 'courses' we've taken in kitchen, bath, and cabinet industry.

  • Sugatsune America (Stainless Steel, Decorative and Functional Hardware)
  • Prestolam (RTF and Polyester Cabinet Doors, Post Formed Counter tops)
  • Meridian Products (Wood Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts)
  • White River Moldings (Crown, Cornice, Panel, Rails, etc.)
  • Titus+Luma+Huwill (Euro Hinges, Cams, Dowels, Connectors)
  • Valendrawers (Doors, Drawers, Accessories)
  • G&T Industries-Formerly WRP (Global Sourcing)
  • Sungold Abrasives (Disks, Wide Belts, Sheet Stock)
  • Pan American Screw (All Types and Screw Sizes)
  • OMT-VEYHL (Store and Office Fixtures)
  • Decorite/Advanced Affiliates (Functional and Decorative Hardware)
  • Hawkes and Huberdeau (Custom Millwork & Cabinetry)
  • Valendrawers (Doors, Drawers, Accessories)