About Burns Sales Company:

Burns Sales Company is the premier Manufacturers Representative Agency in New England. We represent a variety of products in the kitchen, bath, and custom cabinet industry including cabinetry, decorative and functional hardware, laminate, unique surfacing products, drawer boxes, drawer slides, storage solutions and anything else you could possibly need to build a kitchen or bathroom. We are in contact with our customers and clients on a day-to-day basis to facilitate quotes/orders, assist in the planning process, introduce new products and ensure any problems are solved quickly and efficiently.

What separates the Burns Sales Company team from our competition is our deep industry knowledge and relationships. Mark Burns, prior to the becoming the owner and president of Burns Sales Company, spent 14 years as a purchasing manager of a large scale store fixture company. Given that insider knowledge - it's safe to say that we understand this industry from the perspectives of both buyer and seller. This has made all the difference in the world when it comes to approaching our customer base and sales contacts.

At Burns Sales Company, we pride ourselves on doing more than just “making a sale” when we head into a call. We present our products clearly, effectively and specifically targeted for each individual client. We can do this because we know our products back-to-front and which of our customers is the best match. This information can’t be found on the internet or on a spread sheet. It comes from years of dealing with our customers and knowing their businesses as well as our own. We are constantly learning about our manufacturers new product offerings; and in turn passing that information along to our customers. We view our client relationships as partnerships. We are constantly relaying feedback to both our clients and customers to maximize a products effectiveness. When our customers buy a product they truly need- from an honest salesman-from a quality company- EVERYBODY WINS. If you are considering hiring a manufacturer’s rep- look no further then Burns Sales Company. We look forward to hearing from you.

Who we are

Since its start in 2007 by Mark Burns, the Burns Sales Company team has grown to include two full time salespeople and several supporting office staff.

Mark Burns is the President and owner of Burns Sales Company providing representation in the New England area for the building materials industry. Mark has over 30 years industry experience including purchasing for a large store fixture firm, architectural specifying and representation for the casework, cabinet, kitchen, bath and closet sectors.

Daniel Burns is the Vice President of Operations. He joined the company in 2008 having come from an engineering and web design background before fully immersing himself in the kitchen, bath and cabinet industry. His grasp of modern computer/technology systems and technical industry knowledge have complimented well with Mark’s experience to allow our customers to experience the best of both worlds.

Our other employees come with years of industry experience and knowledge providing the support to our full time sales force. These employees have various accounting and customer service experience.

If you are a custom cabinet shop, hardware distributor, architect/design firm, store fixture or display company in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine or upstate New York- chances are you know us well and have met us before. We look forward to seeing you again and as usual: “THANK YOU FOR THE BUSINESS!”